He follows his own advice

He follows his own advice

Every year on February 14, Don surprises me with a hand crafted Valentine.  This tradition started in 1973 during our dating years at BYU, and has continued during the last 39 years with very few misses.  He writes creative poetry, uses practical objects as symbols for our relationship (think an exercise balance disk to talk about how we balance each other), or leaves a myriad of love notes taped in unexpected places throughout the house.

This year was no different and brought this thoughtful display

Valentine's Day - 2012
Valentine's Day - 2012

which included his genuine observations for a happy marriage.

Advice to the men in the family
Advice to the men in the family

He writes from experience, and we will be happy forever!

Take heed, men.

2 thoughts on “He follows his own advice

  1. That was beautiful! Thank you for being such a good example of love for your children. Peter is a great husband and I owe that all to you guys.


  2. Love this! As Brittney said, we are lucky our men have such a wonderful example of commitment and happiness. Thank you for that 🙂


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