The Anniversary Dinner – Middle Eastern Style

The Anniversary Dinner – Middle Eastern Style

Just after Don received his Master’s Degree from BYU, we set out on a Middle East adventure by moving to Iran.  After three years there, we continued that adventure with seven years in Saudi Arabia before returning to the United States and settling in Greeley.  With a child born in each of those countries, and many great experiences involving friends, travels, sights, sounds and smells from that part of the world, we have very fond memories of our time spent there.

So we were delighted when our kids surprised us with an anniversary dinner at Rumi’s House of Kabob right in our very own Greeley.  No, it doesn’t look at all middle eastern, but that actually adds to the authenticity of the whole experience.  Because why wouldn’t a middle eastern restaurant be housed in an old  home on Colorado’s eastern plains?

Rumi's - Greeley, Colorado
Rumi’s – Greeley, Colorado

The kids had reserved a private room upstairs, those windows over the porch, and Nikki and Brittney handled the decorations.

Celebrating 40 years
Celebrating 40 years

The menu brought back so many memories – nothing is printed to any particular standard in the middle east!

We started with hummus, which was some of the best we’ve ever eaten.  That was followed by a fabulous red lentil soup (recipe, please?) and a traditional salad.  When the main course was served, we determined we’d probably ordered way too much food!

Don and I especially loved the Lamb shank with Kabsa Rice – #3 of the family style choices.  The first luscious bite was enough for us to remember that we had eaten that dish at some Saudi weddings we had attended.  The smell and taste transported us right back to Dammam.  Don was grateful that this time he could eat at the table using a fork instead of on the floor eating with his hand as he had done at the weddings!

Warning – this group shot was done as a panorama and the resulting picture is a little distorted.  At least I’m telling myself that it’s the picture . . .  But I’m posting it here to remember that we were all together.
The whole group
The whole group

After several hours of eating and reminiscing and a very pleasant evening, we remembered that we had the next generation of Butlers who probably needed some parental attention.  Those children and the fact that the restaurant had closed moved us reluctantly down the stairs and out the door.

The happy couple
The happy couple

Thanks Mike and Emily, Nate and Nikki, Mark and Kate, Pete and Brittney!  It was a fabulous meal, a very fitting celebration and an evening we will always remember.  Your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed!

3 thoughts on “The Anniversary Dinner – Middle Eastern Style

  1. That was such a fun night! Good job picking the place, Pete and Britt!

    PS. I believe it is Kabsa or Khabsa rice, right?


  2. Also, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Thanks for 40 great years for us too! (Or 38, or 36, or 34, or 28, whatever the case may be….)


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