I’m proud to be an American

I’m proud to be an American

Oath of Office
Oath of Office

Although the campaign was long, ugly, and mean-spirited, and the man I voted for was not sworn in today, my mind has been processing:

Some thoughts on Inauguration Day:

Blessed – to live in a country in which a peaceful change of leadership is normal and expected

Inspired – to be reminded that as an American I can become anything I want

Humbled – to realize that I am limited only by my own lack of vision or hard work

Motivated – to be a better citizen

Grateful – for the circumstances of my birth

God Bless America!

2 thoughts on “I’m proud to be an American

  1. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful! I’m a little jaded, living here in California where things aren’t alwasy so rosy. It was good to watch history being made today.


  2. Well said… It’s amazing how this historical event can make us all reflect on our citizenship to our country and our world.


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