¡Lo hice!

¡Lo hice!

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If you had told me two years ago – or even two months ago – that I would teach a Relief Society lesson in Spanish, I would have questioned your sanity.   My journey towards mastery of the Spanish language has been slow, laborious, and frustrating at times.  And I am an eternity from fluency.  But last Sunday night when Don and I were discussing possible teachers for this week, I casually mentioned that I wished I could do it – meaning I wished I was able to do it – had the ability to do it – spoke Spanish well enough to do it.

Well, Don jumped right on that idea, and before I really had time to consider what it could mean, he had me convinced that I could do it – because after all, “many of those women speak English, and they will help you.”  As if that was all it took. . .

What followed that conversation was a week of intense preparation, prayer, and panic.  I prepared a detailed outline – in Spanish and English, made some word strips to focus attention on important points – and remove the need for me to write in Spanish on the board, and chose a comfortable outfit to wear – because I could not be worrying about my clothes at a time like this!

Although my delivery was bumpy in spots and I had a hard time following some of the discussion, I did it!  The hermanas were very supportive and complimentary, and even though I’m pretty sure that they did not understood everything I said, I came away feeling like we had had a successful meeting.

And next time it should be a little easier.

4 thoughts on “¡Lo hice!

  1. Whoa! Scary! I would freak out teaching in Spanish (not that I could). Oh lets be honest, when I started teaching primary I was nervous. They’re 6! Very impressive indeed!


  2. So impressed………..especially when you mentioned “next time”! Way to think positively. I’m very proud of my bilingual sister!


  3. I can imagine how quickly Don jumped on the idea of your teaching the class. You didn’t have a chance once you had ‘opened your mouth’. I should think it would improve your Spanish, whenyou live with the instructor. I’m certain the Hermanas loved having you teach the lesson, whether they understood everything you said or not. You had a class full of coaches who really wanted you to succeed.


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