Who do YOU think you are?

Who do YOU think you are?


Did you see the new genealogy reality show last Friday night?  Who Do You Think You Are? has sucked me in!  The episodes take celebrities on a search for their ancestors, with some pretty amazing results.

My thoughts in no order:

*  all of the featured  personalities are celebrities – not just everyday folks

* the celebrities’ stories could be my stories or your stories – they were everyday folks before they were stars

* the show only presents the exciting results – not the hundreds of hours of work done by professional genealogists to achieve the results

* it would be awesome to have those resources

* the emotions are real

* as I got caught up in her story, I forgot Sarah Jessica Parker was a star

* to be physically present in a place where an ancestor has stood creates a strong bond and sometimes overwhelming emotion

* I want to know my ancestors and some details of their lives

* genealogy is addictive!

Tune in tonight at 7 p.m. MST on NBC to watch Emmitt Smith’s family history unfold.  Check out the website for past episodes.  You’re gonna love it!

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