I think I’m up to the task

I think I’m up to the task

I've got lots of resources . . . maybe too many!
I've got lots of resources . . . maybe too many!

I’ve accepted this challenge! I’m going to make a concerted effort to record stories from my personal history.  I don’t expect they’ll be in any specific order, but I’m excited to write my memories.  So watch this blog . . .  we’ll be traveling from Saginaw to Saudi, Uniopolis to Isfahan, and many places in between.  We’ll meet a lot of people along the way and learn a little of their stories also.  Because really, our personal histories are greatly influenced by those who have come before and after us.

The challenge is for the month of February.  I’m hoping to continue throughout the year and maybe even have something to publish by early next year. . .

3 thoughts on “I think I’m up to the task

  1. Kristin – just paste the URL into whatever reader you are using. I blog on WordPress and any reader should take that. Thanks for asking.


  2. Girl you continue to amaze me! I look forward to reading about your history–though we are from the same fmaily, our memores rarley overlap. Your life before my memory is an intersting glimpse of our families history. Thank you for taking the challenge. RIght now I’m barely able to keep Primary together, along with the needs of my kids. I hope that when I get to your stage of life I’ll be half as productive as you are! I love your writing!


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