An old fashioned engagement

An old fashioned engagement

My 3rd great grandfather, Benoni Preston Pratt, asking Lansing Gaylor Taylor for the hand of his daughter,
Caroline Wing Taylor, in marriage.

They were married 30 August 1849.

May I please marry your daughter?
May I please marry your daughter?

(On) July 14th 1849

L.G. Taylor Esq

Dear Sir

I have the consent of the hand of your Daughter Caroline should it meet the approbation of the parents.  Will they favor me with an early reply.

I await their pleasure

very Respectfully

B.P. Pratt

the parents cheerfully consent
the parents cheerfully consent

Fort Miller 14 July 1849

Mr. B.P. Pratt

Dear Sir

Your note dated 14 July came to hand this day and in reply to the matters set forth in the same I would say that the parents of Caroline cheerfully consent and hope that the arrangement may prove ( ?) happiness to all the parties concerned it it.



L.G. Taylor

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