May-be it’s a blizzard

May-be it’s a blizzard

Southwest de-icing operation - 12 May 2011
Southwest de-icing operation - 12 May 2011

A quick flight from Denver to Omaha by the numbers:

3.5 – hours ahead of departure time that we left home

45 – minutes late boarding the plane

3 – passengers we had to wait for from connecting flight

4.5 – hours we sat on the tarmac waiting for take off

4-6 – inches of snow that fell in hours we sat on the tarmac

3 – planes ahead of us in the de-icing line

1 – number of times we had to be towed back to the gate so the engines could be “air started”

65 – minutes of actual flight time

5 – hours late arriving in  Omaha

7– minutes left before the rental car desk closed upon our arrival in Omaha

1 – phone call made to the hotel to get directions in the middle of the night

3:45 – hours after midnight when we crawled into bed

11 – total hours spent making a 500 mile trip

At least we weren’t on the flight to Phoenix!

photo (credit: CBS)

2 thoughts on “May-be it’s a blizzard

  1. Oh sister! What a nightmare! Hope the trip goes well now… pretty much no where to go but up! 🙂 Did Emily make it to meet you? Enjoy the trip!


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