Butler Family Meet up – 2013

Butler Family Meet up – 2013

About the beginning of the year, Don and I mentioned that for our 40th anniversary in June, all we really wanted was to have all of our family together.  Well, the kids took notice,  picked a date that worked for all of us,  and early in July made their way by land and by air for a proper Butler family gathering.

Group at dinner
The only group picture – minus the babies who must have been sleeping, Mike who hadn’t yet arrived, and Nikki who was thoughtful enough to document the moment.  But it’s the best we’ve got!

While the kids were all making travel plans, Don and I worked on the back yard.  Knowing our group is large in number – we total 20 now, and the grandkids span a huge number of years – including two one-year-old toddlers and one 17 year old high school senior with a variety of ages in between, we decided that the back yard had to be the attraction.  No house is big enough for all those people – especially one that’s only 2300 square feet with no air conditioning!

We hit up the thrift store on half-price Saturday and found a badminton net for $5.00 and 6 racquets for $.50 each.  We felt like we’d hit the jackpot!

And during the week we spent hours in the back yard.

On a day trip to the mountains we discovered a great multi-generational hiking spot.  The Lily Lake trail, which some of our more experienced hikers were afraid would be just another walk in the park, proved to be easy enough for the littles and interesting enough for the bigs.  Definitely a hike we’d do again.


Other highlights of the week included lots of water, crazy jumping and bouncing, and even a little bit of fire.

Slip and sliding through the wall of water
Slip and sliding through the wall of water


3-D Shrek in the 5th wheel theater
3-D Shrek in the 5th wheel theater


What?  You don’t have a bounce house in your family room?
Thanks to Mark & Kate for supplying the bouncy fun!

Bounce house beginning to take shape
Bounce house beginning to take shape
They loved it!
They loved it!


Only one old grill was harmed in the making of these s’mores.


And then they all said good bye and took to the road and the sky once again.  And we were left with

The aftermath
The aftermath

which cleaned up very quickly and reminded us of the great week we had spent together.

Thanks, kids, for making it happen.  It was a celebration 40 years in the making, and you did it up splendidly!


A huge highlight of the week was the anniversary dinner at an authentic Iranian restaurant.
So memorable for us that it deserves a post of its own.


One thought on “Butler Family Meet up – 2013

  1. Such a great family and such fun memories. So glad that you had everyone home. and can I just say….I love that you are still rocking the yellow daisy floor! It so takes me back to my own childhood. I’m glad that new children are now making memories in that home!


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