The new year plan

The new year plan


I love January!  In spite of the cold temperatures (although it was almost 70 degrees yesterday) and the snow that takes FOREVER to melt from the street in front of our house, I am invigorated by the invitation of clean calendar pages and pristine to-do lists.  I am excited at the thought of 12 whole months spread out in front of me waiting to be filled with whatever I choose.

I’ve googled, pinterested, instagrammed and facebooked looking for my focus for 2015, and I keep coming back to blogging.  This is my journal.  This is my family history. This is my love.  This is my job!  I miss writing and documenting my life.  And as I read back through previous posts, loving the memories they invoke, I know that this is what I want to do.

I had a rather rude awakening at Sunday dinner one evening several months ago when Peter commented that he hadn’t heard many of our Middle East experiences. Later conversations with Mark confirmed that we have been very negligent in sharing and recording our family history.  How did we let that happen?  Every kid deserves to know that his dad was held at machine gun point against a bus, and that his mother gave birth to his brother in a hospital where the bathroom lacked even a fundamental toilet seat!

And so I’m committing to getting back in the blogging groove again.  I’ll divide my time between this blog and my family history blogs – Butler family  and Berrett family.  Even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve continued researching and organizing and gathering stories and pictures that I’m anxious to share.

And since those 12 months are almost now just 11, I’d better get busy!